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These famous woodworkers will be aboard: (Click to see all demonstrators)

  • .:: Neil Turner ::.

    Neil Turner from Australia

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  • .:: Nathalie Groenweg ::.

    Nathalie Groenweg - France

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  • .:: Yann Marot ::.

    Exciting woodturner from France. First time demonstrating...

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  • .:: Ulf Jansson, Sweden ::.

    Ulf Jansson, or @svarvulf, as he is know as, had great...

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  • .:: Eli Avisera ::.

    A well known woodworking artist from Israel. Onthe cruise...

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  • .:: Max Brosi ::.

    Irish woodturner with an eye for wood sculptures and...

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  • .:: Nick Agar ::.

    Woodturner from The UK - now USA.

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  • .:: Håkon Grimstad Dahle ::.

    Well known woodturning artist from Norway.

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  • .:: Rolf Taraldset ::.

    Rolf Taraldset is a Norwegian Master Carver in woodcarving.

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  • .:: Iren Tvedt Asbjørnsdatter Færevaag ::.

    Irèn T.A Faerevaag is in artist within drawing and...

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  • .:: Glenn Lucas ::.

    Glenn Lucas, Woodturner from Ireland. Tuition for...

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  • .:: Beth Ireland ::.

    Beth Ireland is a Woodturner/Sculptor who draws upon a...

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