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Documents presented on the cruise.

DOWNLOAD SCHEDULE - Edition 2, updated 8.July 2018 - Corrected a few departure times on a few excursions, added some extra information. changes may still be made.

The schedule gives you an overview on sailing times, docking times, excursions, demonstrations, tuition hours and much more. Please be aware that smaller changes can be made without notice.

NOTE: PICTURES ARE JUST CLIPS OF A SINGEL PAGE. Download the full pdf on the link above.

A short explanation:

Shop open = this is when we dock and we are open for the general public. Passengers also welcome, but it can be crowded! Better off visiting the shop area when we sail. It stays open at all times, but not always employees present.

Team = this is the demonstrators divided into Teams, they will work in teams when in harbor, when we sail - it will be announced when they work (generally there is something going on in the workshop area all the time :)

Time slots Passengers =  When onboard you can sign up for classes in the passenger tuition room. More information how and when will be published on board.

Sundeck =  SUND WT 10   means a woodturning class on the sundeck starts at 10.00  and ends at  SUND WT 12  (12.00)  You will need to sign up for this class.

Same applies for the other classes, some are open for all.