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Woodturning Cruise August 2018 Itinerary

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 Dates for 2018: 20.August until 1.September

Arrival/Departure: Date: Time:


Departure: Stavanger  Monday 20 Aug 22.30  Day 0 *
Arrival: Sandane Tuesday 21 Aug 16.15  Day 1
Excursion in the Nordfjord area. Including a visit to the famous woodcarver Rolf Taraldset.
Read more here: EXCURSION SANDANE.
Departure: Sandane  Tuesday 21 Aug 22.00

 Day 1

Arrival: Geiranger  Wednesday 22 Aug 09.00  Day 2
Early in the morning we will enter one of the westcoasts most beautiful and dramatic fjords - the Geirangerfjord. The mountains rise steeply up to 1800 meters (5,905 feet) and you can see small farms and beautiful waterfalls approximately 700-800 meters (2,300-2,625 feet) up the mountainsides. We will drop anchor at the end of the fjord and passengers will be set ashore for a fantastic bus ride (excursion) over the mountains, up the Trollstigen and on to Molde.
Departure: Geiranger  Wednesday 22 Aug  09.30  Day 2
Arrival: Molde Wednesday 22 Aug 16.30  Day 2
Molde - the town of Roses and Norway's Jazz City! It's an exciting place on the Romsdalsfjord.
Here we meet the buses from the excursion again. 
Departure: Molde  Wednesday 22 Aug 21.30  Day 2
Arrival: Namsos Thursday 23 Aug 13.15  Day 3
We will visit the Norwegian Sawmill museum and get a guided tour, showing also the Spillum steamsaw from 1853. A visit to the local candlelight factory 
are included and we will be able to see the production of candlelights.
Read more here: NAMSOS EXCURSION
Departure: Namsos Thursday 23 Aug 20.00  Day 3
Arrival: Bodø Friday 24 Aug 12.00  Day 4
EXCURSIONS -In Bodø you can join the bus and take a boat trip to the small fishing village of Kjerringøy. It's one of Norway's richest trading communities, dating back to the 18th century - before the steamships. This place is also well known as the location for several movies. It has kept its original architecture, maintaining its timeless and amazing uniqueness.
Read more here:  BODØ EXCURSION
Departure: Bodø Friday 24 Aug  20.00  Day 4
Arrival: Tromsø Saturday 25 Aug  10.30  Day 5
Tromsø is a beautiful, vibrant and picturesque city. It is known as the Nordic answer to another famous place, often being called The Paris of Norway. Tromsø is the capital of Northern Norway and boasts a major university, The Polarinstitutt, Northern Light Observatory and several other important institutions. Join the bus trip and visit the Ishavscathedral (breathtaking!) then stop at Tromsø museum with its famous lapp-exhibition. There's much more to see on this great excursion! For the adventurous, take a ride on a gondola to the top of Citymountain and get an absolutely fantastic view over Tromsø and its spectacular surroundings. Let's not forget shopping in Tromsø - it's really great.
Read more here: TROMSØ EXCURSION
Departure: Tromsø Saturday 25 Aug  21.00  Day 5
Arrival: Honningsvåg Sunday 26 Aug  10.00  Day 6
Today we will visit the North Cape! You will travel by bus to the worlds most northern town before reaching the North Pole. Travel any further north and you will find only ice... At the North Cape Point we'll visit the North Cape Center - it's a very special place. Bust trip from Honningsvag to the North Cape takes about 1 hour.  (Changed from 2011, giving much more time at the North Cape).
Departure Honningsvåg Sunday 26 Aug  14.00  Day 6   
Approximately 21.30 we will drop fishing lines (provided) at Lopphavet and passengers can fish for really BIG cod or any other denizens of the deep! Lots of exciting fun. And the chef will be ready to prepare a fabulous meal.
Arrival: Sortland Monday 27 Aug 13.30  Day 7 
Visit to Nyksund a genuine old fishing village. A must see! More information
Departure: Sortland Monday 27 Aug 18.30  Day 7 
Monday at approximately 2100 we will visit the unique Trollfjorden! This is a very narrow fjord that MS Gann will very slowly sneak into and turn around - you can almost touch the steep mountainsides by hand! Unforgettable experience - definitely a MUST! If time permits we will also make a short visit to Svolvær - an unique fishing village. Due to timing we might not be able to go ashore but it will for sure be a nice photo oppertunity!
Short stop in Svolvær Monday 27 Aug 22.30 23.55
Arrival: Mosjøen Tuesday 28 Aug 14.00  Day 8

Information to follow



Departure: Mosjøen  Tuesday 28 Aug 21.00  Day 8

Arrival: Trondheim

Wednesday 29 Aug 15.00  Day 9
Trondheim is Norway's second largest city, combining historical and modern architecture. Visit beautiful and majestic Nidarosdomen - the biggest cathedral in the country and Ringve Museum with Norway's largest musical instrument collection. There's much, much more in Trondheim including great shopping in unique stores.

Departure: Trondheim

Wednesday 29 Aug 23.00  Day 9

Arrival: Ålesund

Thursday 30 Aug  11.00  Day 10

Travel by bus to Aksla and get a great view over the city. Continue to the Atlanterhavsparken and Northern Europe's largest seaworld. 10 large tanks hold over 6.5 millions liters of seawater and close to 40,000 fish of many species. 

Departure: Ålesund Thursday 30 Aug 20.00  Day 10
Arrival: Bergen Friday 31 Aug 09.30  Day 11
Bergen's uniqueness makes it Norway's top tourist attraction. Surrounded by seven mountains, it's a beautiful, energetic and happy city. Go for a city sightseeing tour, enjoy magnificent city and harbor views from Fløyfjellet or amble downtown to the bustling markets and shops. There's lots to see and visit.
Read more here: BERGEN EXCURSION

Departure: Bergen

Friday 31 Aug 23.00  Day 11
Arrival: Stavanger Saturday 1.Sept 07.30  Day 12
Arrival in Stavanger heralds the end of a successful, happy and one of a kind cruise you'll share with people for years to come. The friendships you make will last a lifetime and the things you learn will make you a better artist.

* NOTE: The numbering of the days does not match our excursion overview. This is due to how the system counts the days. The actual dates are correct. Sorry for any inconvinience. 


National Geographic rates the Norwegian fjords as the world's greatest unspoiled travel destinations and we will be travelling in these surroundings!

One last point! Everywhere we travel, there'll be loads of magnificent photo opportunities so bring your cameras.