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There will be a Gallery set up and open to the public while in each harbour. We invite all our passengers and demonstrators to bring a few pieces of your work. NEW: On this cruise we will run a live gallery containing pieces from the demonstrators. This will make it easier to set up and take down the gallery in each harbour as this has grown into a big task. For the passengers and for pieces made on board, we will set up an online gallery where everybody can get their pieces presented in a much better way. Every piece will be photographed and published on our special online infosystem, presented on 4 large screens placed in public areas: on B-deck, in the restaurant, cafeteria and in the Panorama lounge. On these screnes we will also present todays schedule and other useful information. These screens are only for our use and the ships screens will tell you where we are on the map and more. Each passenger or demonstrator will be limited to three pieces of their work to be presented.  

The Gallery will only be open when we dock and all items will be stored securely when we sail. The Gallery is a wonderful feature of the cruise and is very popular with demonstrators, passenger and visitors alike. It showcases magnificent craftsmanship and one of a kind artwork.
The Gallery has been very popular on previous cruises and you can make it even better for this 7th cruise and get your pieces presented online!  The Gallery staff will not handle any sales.

To make the Gallery bigger and better we would appreciate passengers who would like to volunteer to work in the Gallery to sign up on the booking form. We will contact you and develop a schedule for each volunteer.

At the end of the show artists will have the opportunity to donate pieces of work for an auction to raise money for the Norwegian Cancer Association.
Picture shows some of the items made by the demonstrators onboard the cruise in 2011. The 2011 auction raised US$11,000 for cancer research. And the auction in 2014 raised NOK 90 625,- (over US$ 15 000,- in 2014 exchange rate) 

Demonstrators and passengers contributed towards the auction with a broad range of pieces. This event has become very popular on previous cruises and we will organise a similar auction in 2014. You will have the opportunity to buy a very special piece made by one of our world famous demonstrators. At the very least it will be a treasured souvenir made by the best in the world and if you're really lucky, it may be a collector's item!