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What does it cost to go on this cruise?

Here is our pricelist 2023 for a trip with the Woodturning Cruise. Please remember that the cruise lasts for 11 days, all meals and woodturning tuition is included. Check out the details below.

One thing you cannot put a price on is the atmosphere onboard, and the feeling of enjoying 11 days with fellow woodworkers and wood turners. As one guy said a few cruises ago: "I´ve learned more on these eleven days then I have learned the last ten years"! That says a lot..

If you visit our BOOKING PAGE (TO BE UPDATED) you will get a good overview of the available cabins. This pricelist shows the different categories you can choose from, and the main differences of the cabins. On our BOOKING PAGE (TO BE UPDATED) you will find a brief description and pictures of all cabins. All prices are listed in Norwegian kroner, and the price is stated pr. person, read more here what is included. You can choose different currencies*(SEE BOTTOM) on top of the page, in a separate dropdown meny (click on picture on top of this page for an illustration), but payment will be made with the exchange rate on day of payment.

Category 1 A  NOK 39 900,-

 Double outside, beds on floor level, shower & toilet

Category 1 B  NOK 35 900,-  Single outside, bed on floor level, shower & toilet
Category 2 A  NOK 38 900,-  Double inside, beds on floor level, shower & toilet
Category 2 B   NOK 38 900,-  Double outside, bunk beds, shower & toilet
Category 3      NOK 38 900,-  Triple outside, beds on floor level, shower & toilet . see note*
Category 4 A  NOK 29 900,-  Double inside, bunk beds, shower & toilet
Category 4 B   NOK 29 900,-  Single inside, shower & toilet
Category 4 C  NOK 29 900,-  Triple inside, beds on floor level, shower & toilet. See note*
     * Sold as double. If three people share - special offer can be made.
    Please contact us for an offer. 


Price stated is pr. person and includes:
All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), all tuition in woodturning (other courses may have a small fee, see details), free use of lathes and tools, free evening lectures by the demonstrators. Any materials used for tution (wood, bowl blanks, knife making equipment, wood for carving are extra, but can be bought onboard). When you book online the total amount for the cabin will be shown. If you book a double cabin for a single person, a fee will be added (not recommended, please contact us for advice). 

Sightseeing tours are extra. Prices for these are presented as close as we can predict, but will be confirmed in early  2023.
Travel to/from Stavanger is not included in the price. Passengeres needs to make their own arrangements for flights and travel. Many passengers prefer to arrive a day or two earlier, if this is the case we have made reservations for a number of rooms in Thon Hotel Stavanger. If you need advice and assistance regarding your travel plans, please contact us at 

We highly recommend you to arrange for a travel insurance. If you pay by credit card, please check with your card issuer, some credit cards already includes travel insurance.

MS GANN is a member of the REISEGARANTI FONDET, a Norwegian organization that will cover your loss in the unlikly event that they go into bankruptcy or similar. You can read more on these conditions here: REISEGARANTIFONDET (The Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund)





THE CURRENY HAS NOT BEEN UPDATED SINCE 2019 so the convert will be wrong. (At the moment the f.i. the US dollar is stronger then it was in 2019 so you will pay less then it shows now)

The currency converter will be updated regularly and therefore the prices shown in USD, GBP and EURO may vary from time to time. Invoicing will be made in Norwegian Kroner and the exchange rate at date of payment applies, choosen by your creditcard provider.