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General conditions - Woodturning Cruise.

Please read our conditions.

1. To the best of our knowledge, all information and prices contained in our brochure, on the internet and other printed information, are correct at the time of going to press. However, VERKTØY AS or Skoleskipet GANN* cannot be held legally liable for any inaccuracies, descriptions or other written information that contains misprints, mistakes or other faults. If oilprices raise more then we have expected prices are subject to change. We will inform you in good time.

2. Prices. Prices is listed in Norwegian Kroner (NKR) and your invoice will show the amount in NKR. Payment from overseas will use the currency exchange rate at date of payment, not as shown in our price conversion list. Our rates shown in pricelist in £ , $ or Euro is stated with approx currency exchange rate. Prices is quoted per person and includes all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). When booking the total amount for the passengers occupying the booked cabin will be showing in the shopping chart. Sightseeing tours in harbours are extra. Payment made by VISA/MASTERCARD creditcard is accepted and preferred. We reserve the right to change/correct prices if public taxes, vat or other fees are added or changed by the authorities. 

3. Payment. A deposit of 10% of the total value of your booking will be debited your creditcard when your booking has been made. Payment of this ensures a confirmation of a reservation for The Woodturning Cruise 2018.
Full payment will be due 1.April 2018* for bookings made before this date. Bookings after 1.April will be due at the latest 1.June 2018, but preferably fully paid online when you make your booking. You will receive an email with payment information at the latest 1 month before payment is due.

*(22.3.2018:  Due date changed from 1.april to 1.May. Payment link will be sent to you in week 14)

Please notice: invoice will be issued from Skoleskipet GANN/ WOODT.CRUISE,  and payment will be made online using a creditcard. This cruise is organized in a joint venture with Skoleskipet GANN, officially named Unge Sjømenns Kristelige forening. The invoice will be issued in the name of Woodturning Cruise MS GANN. Organization number: # 970230459. Credit cards accepted: VISA and MASTERCARD.

4. Insurance. The organizor and Skoleskipet Gann does not hold any insurance for luggage etc. Skoleskipet Gann is registered in the Reisegarantifondet (1) for your safety against losses of deposit or the full payment. This apply if for any reason the Skoleskipet GANN will be out of business or similar. We strongly advice to sign up for a normal travel insurance.

5.  Cancelling. If you cancel your booked trip before 1 January 2018 there will be no extra charges. Deposit (10% of value of the trip) will not be refunded. Cancelling between 1.January 2018 and 1.April 2018: we will charge you 50% of the value of the trip. Cancellation after the 1.april the full amount is up for payment. We strongly advice you to sign up for a travel insurance.

6. Cabins. Most of the cabins are double. If you as a single person book a cabin which is stated as a double cabin you will be charged up to 80% extra fee. If you wish we can try to sell the other bed and you will get a refund, but you will need to share the cabin.
Some cabins has three beds. These are normally sold as double, but if you bring a child or a friend we can make you an offer for three people sharing a cabin. Pictures from cabins used on the website is normally from the actual cabin, but can be from a similar type of cabin. The actual cabin can vary in size and decoration.

7. Changes. We reserve the right to make small changes to the intinirary without giving notice. Departure and arrivel times will be kept and if these is to be changed – a notice will be given.

8. DISCLAIMER. All woodturning or other use of machines, tools or watching demonstrations are done by your own risk! VERKTOY AS or MS GANN can not be held responsible for any injury or accidents that might occur either during sailing or use of lathes or any other tools, machinery or the like.
A disclaimer needs to be signed before any use of lathes or other machinery. As this is a very temporarily workshop, we need to lay it out and arrange it as best we can. Dust extraction will be available for each lathe. Personal safety equipment will be available and we encourage the use of this.

9. Booking must be made by a person above 18 years of age. Children may very well attend to the cruise but booking must be made by an adult.

10. Cancel of the cruise. If the cruise should not get enough paticipants we will use our right to cancel the trip. Notice will be given at least 2 months ahead. We strongly encourage you not to book any flights or transportation until we can confirm that the cruise will go ahead as planned. A confirmation will be sent out by email when we can confirm that the cruise will take place as planned.

When booking a cruise, either online or by phone, you agree in these conditions.

Please note: 

VERKTOY AS is not a professional cruise organizor (but this will be our cruise!), but Norways largest supplier of woodworking tools.
We organize this cruise for two reasons:
     1) to be able to present our products to our customers along the coast of Norway
     2) to let passengeres and fellow woodturners meet in very special surrondings and see our beatiful country, and at the same time get too see and know professional woodturners and their skills!

All the past cruises has been a great success and we are convinced that this will be another great cruise - especially with the ship MS GANN! We will do our best to make this an unforgettable journey and we are sure you will find it very exiting! Onboard you will find passengers from all over the world and most of them are interested in woodworking - so you will always have something to talk about!

We must mention that MS GANN has been organizing cruises to the North Cape for many, many years and they really know how to take good care of their passengers. The meals onboard are very good and you will also get to taste some of Norways specialites. Please note that there are no bar or alcohol served aboard the MS GANN. This is due to the fact that MS GANN are run by a Christian organization.

The cruise is sold on behalf of UNGE KRISTELIGE SJOMENNS FORENING (Skoleskipet GANN) by VERKTOY AS, and UNGE KRISTELIGE SJOMENNS FORENING are responsible for the transactions made in the webshop.

Personal details we obtain in this process will not be handed over or sold to third party.
* Skoleskipet GANN, formerly adressed as MS GANN. Skolskipet means Schoolship as this is what it is during rest of the year, educating students in the maritime fields, as a high school.
If you have any questions please contact us either by email: or by phone: + 47 51 88 68 00, or in writing:
VERKTØY AS - WOODTURNING CRUISE/ GANN, Sjohagen 2, 4016 Stavanger, Norway.


(Our company changed name in October 2017 from WWW VERKTØY AS to VERKTØY AS, everything else is the same)