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Q: How to book courses and excursions? NOTE: booking for excursions and courses are not ready yet.
A: You can book your activites when you book your cruise. It is also possible to book or make changes to your activities after you have booked your cruise by logging on to your profile on our website. We recommend that all excursions is booked before your cruise takes place, to ensure your place on the excursion. Guide - How to book or make changes to your activities and how to make payments 

Q: How to pay?
A: Read some tips on how to pay the deposit and/or full payment. GUIDE - HOW TO PAY!

Q: Hotel room?
A: If you need a hotel room before or after the cruise - Check out Travel advice page or go directly to hotel info.

Q: I have a problem paying by credit card!
A: If you use the Internet Explorer 10xx web browser you may experience some difficulties. It is easy to fix: after typing in your card details you will get a new window, which says PLEASE WAIT and nothing happens. Quikly look for a new window that has opened, move your mouse over the Internet icon on the low left corner on your screen, or look at WINDOWS at the top bar. You should discover a new window which will take you onwards in the process. If you use other web browsers it will work normal.

Q: Electrisity - plugs?
A: In Norway we use 220/240V 50hz and it will be the same onboard. If you have appliances that use 115V it can not be used unless you have an extra converter. But many computers, battery chargers can operate on both 115 and 220V! Look at the information on the technical information label. (For instance my camcorder can be charged both in US at 115V and here in Norway at 220V without any converter, just another plug). But we use EUROPLUGS and you might need an adaptor. They can easliy be bought on airports etc. Or have a look at this webpage: (have not used it but it is very informative!)

It will be possible to borrow hairdryer at the reception.

Q: When can we go onboard?
A: MS GANN will be in Stavanger Harbor from 12.00 local time. You may come aboard to drop off your luggage between 12.00 - 15.00. From 15.00 hours you are welcome to embark and you will get access to your cabin. 


Q: Internet access onboard?

A: Yes - there is wireless internet access on board. This will give you internet connection at least in harbor. As we sail there can be areas where there are no coverage. The connection is not suited to download large amount of data but great for checking emails etc. Internett access is free of charge.


Q: What do we need to bring?
A: Well - onboard we have a casual dress style. No need to dress up for dinner.  A warm jacket, windproof, can be good to have since we spend quite a lot of time outside on deck enjoying the view. Temparature can vary from 10 C to 25 C (50F - 77F+), so a mix of clothes can be good. You dont need to bring any tools for turning, we've got a toolbox for every lathe which includes the most common tools. We will set up a display of turned items and passengers are welcome to display one unit each which you can bring along. For electrical items: onboard there are 220V 50Hz with European plug. Any 115V items will not work! Note: Many chargers work on both 115 and 220V, check the label. Hairdryer can be borrowed from the reception. 


Q: If we arrive by air, at what time should we arrive in Stavanger airport to allow time to transfer to the ship for departure at 2200hrs ?
A: From Stavanger Airport (SVG) to the harbor in center of town where MS GANN will be docked, it takes approx. 20 - 40 minutes by taxi. Not more than 1 hour by bus. I think the bus can take you almost to the gangway if we dock the normal place. I would recommend that you arrive some time during the day and you can embark around 15.00 hours (you can leave your luggage earlier but the cabin will not be ready until around 15.00.) It's good to have some spare time if there is a delay on the flights.


Q: After docking at Stavanger at 0730 hrs on return we wish to book air transport. When booking the airline how much time should we allow for disembarkation and transfer to the airport and airport customs.
A: When we return to Stavanger I would recommend you don't book a flight before 11.00.  You need a bit of time to get off the ship, maybe have some breakfast before you leave, and you normally need to be at the airport approx 2 hours before your flight leave to check in, security control etc. Transport time from ship to airport will be the same as above.

If you want to arrive a day before we can help to book a hotel room. We use this hotel for our courses and we have a pretty good rate. Hotel is just in center of town but still pretty quiet.


Q: Please give a local web address for tourist information
A:The offical Norwegian Tourist information: This a generel website for Norway.

We also recommend a visit to Stavanger offical tourist website: Here you will find all the information you need about Stavanger which is The Woodturning Cruise`s departure and final arriaval harbour.


Q: What are the food arrangements on board the ship?
A: Three meals a day will be included on the ship, there will be a snack shop that will be open when the cruise is in port. During sailing there will also be a small snack shop open at certain times. The food that will be served will represent the Norwegian cuisine and will provide many wonderful experiences. While you are on shore there will be many shopping oppertunities for you to purchase refreshments that can be kept in your cabins. Cabins do not have refrigators and ice is not easily available. There is no bar onboard, more about this in the General conditions.


Q: When can I use a lathe and learn from the demonstrators?
A: You can sign up for passenger tuition on board. More information will be given on board.


Q: What about wood?
A: We carry a good selection of bowlblanks and square blanks in different species and sizes. Also wet wood is available, mostly birch. In our shop you can buy the wood you need at a special discount for passengers. Prices will range from NKR 60,- (USD 10,-) and up. You are welcome to bring your own wood if you want to.

Q: Do I need a VISA to visit Norway?
A: In general no. But from some countries it is necessary. Use this link to check it:  or this link: 

If you live outside the EU/EEC countries, you may need to have a VISA to enter Norway. Use the link above to check if you need a VISA. Type in your home country, check results in the box "Visit and Holiday". US residents will not need a visa for example.


Q: Is it possible to buy souvenirs onboard the Woodturning Cruise?
A: Yes! We have fleece jackets, t-shirts an caps with the Woodturing Cruise logo that you can buy onboard the Cruise. 

    Click here for picture of souvenirs

Q: Local sim card?
A: It is possible to buy a local sim-card for your phone. Many providors are available. For instance you can use Telenor Mobil which is one of the largest supplier of phone/data services. You can buy a sim card including 5 Gb of data, free minutes, free sms/free mms for NOK 399,- (will last 1 month). Best thing is to buy it directly in a shop.
Read more here:(sorry only in Norwegian):
Calling abroad pricing: