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Nick Agar

Nick is well known worldwide for his work, and has taught and demonstrated in Australia, South Africa, North America and across Europe. His large-scale, multi-textured turned wood sculptures have earned him a reputation for producing highly individual and beautifully crafted art.Having worked with wood for more than 25 years, he has a great understanding of his medium. Inspired by organic forms, pottery and his natural surroundings, Nick specialises in hollow forms, large diameter work and surface enhancement.

He is renowned for his wall sculptures. His award-winning work often incorporates carving, weaving and metalwork. Nick runs woodturning courses at his new Nick Agar Studios in Georgia, USA. In addition to exhibiting widely, tutoring and appearing at international conferences both as a demonstrator and a judge, Nick is in constant demand for commissions from collectors and galleries.

His range of clients includes HRH Price of Wales and the royal jewellers, Aspreys. Pieces of Nick’s work, including his signature wall sculptures, have been featured on both the BBC and ITV. After moving to the USA, which was a big step for him, he manage to set up one of the finest woodturning and wood sculpting classroms for up to 6 students. He has also a good co-operation with King Arthurs Tools and Manpa Tools, and he uses their tools and equipment widely. These tools works great with his artisctic woodturning and sculpting.