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Yann Marot

Born in Mayenne (France) in 1974

Yann wrote this to us:
I have always been attracted by wood and all the creative possibilities it offers. During long studies without any conviction,  have participated in evening sculpture courses. But I came to the lathe and decided to learn the trade of woodturner (with passion, this time). Above all, I have discovered the various aspects of woodturning – traditional, utilitarian production, and creation. I have been directly attracted by this diversity.

My thanks to Jean-François ESCOULEN and AFTAB (French association for artistic woodturning) where I could learn with many international and French professionals. Every year,I  participate in professional courses.

I created my workshop in 2002. During the first 10 years, I have been a craftsman woodturner sharing my activity between turning by orders for cabinet makers, production, and creation – work that requires great precision and the others that allow me to go in a more personal imaginary.

I also love teaching and demonstrating and, in 2014, I moved to Aiguines (Provence) to join the Escoulen school teaching team. Today « teaching by doing » at the school has become a parttime activity.

For the rest, I am working alone in my workshop. Last years, my research has focused on turning green fig tree. I am fascinating by the spectacular distorsions that come during drying. So I play.

Demonstrating has given me the opportunity to travel since 2005 (Spain, England, Ireland, USA, Quebec, and more) and it’s one of the most beautiful things that happened to me.

I am a woodturner, a crafstman.

Constantly in search of simplicity, my creative work is marked by tight curves, simple shapes and thin textures. I am listening for the emotion provoked by the simple curves that daily nurture my eyes. I really believe that curve IS an emotion.

My imagination is full of rope textures, organic shapes, pieces sometimes carved, often turned. My work is speaking about the tree. That’s why I like the distortion of green wood after drying, a sort of second life. I can expect it but I can’t master this movement. It fascinates me.

My hand does the main work, of course, but first comes the tree … its history and when the sap was still running through its veins. »

We are looking forward to learn more about Yann and his woodturning and we think it will be a very interesting experience.