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Woodturning Cruise 2004

In 2004 we used the same MS GANN with the white hull. It is difficult to find ships that can take up such a cruise, with all the mess and dust we produce. Also most of these kinds of ships are in daily traffic either as passengers ships or cruise ships, and it is imposssible to hire for a short period of time.
The MS GANN is a schoolship and in summer time they can take up a cruise like ours. In winter time they educate students as a college school with main focus on maritime education. The school is owned by a trust and arranging different cruises contributes to their funding.



Article in Craftsman magazine 2004.

Written by Bob Neill.

 Artikler/Wc2004/The woodworker 2004 Frontpage.jpg

Article in The Woodworker and Woodturner december 2004.

Written by Bob Neill


 Article from Norwegian newspaper Helgeland Arbeiderblad.

(In Norwegian)


Article from Woodturning Cruise 2004

(In Norwegian)


Article from The Norwegian Cancer Assosiation magazine.

Charity auction supporting The Norwegian Cancer Assosiation.

 (In Norwegian)

 Artikler/Wc2004/WCArtikkelStor.jpg Article from the Newspaper More Woodturning.