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Woodturning Cruise 2001

The second cruise took place onboard the MS GANN, with the white hull (not the same as todays GANN). This was a big improvement on space and accomodation. Although it was an older ship with a more old fashioned layout it was a really nice experience. We used most of the dining area for our demonstrations and shop. All goods had to be hoisted onboard and this was a major task both before and after. Extra storage of goods had to go in the storage room in front of the ship and the crane onboard had to be used. This second cruise took place in August, which all the following cruises has followed. The reason for this is better weather, warmer and more often calm seas. And it fits better in with passengers holiday plans.


 Article from Craftman 2001
 Artikler/Wc2001/Artikler/Wc2011Revolution.jpg Article from Revolutions Magazin. The Newsletter of the association of the woodturners of Great Britain.

Article from The Magazine Amrican Woodturner.

By Bob Petithomme.


Article From the Magazine The Woodturner. 



Article from Woodturning magazin.

By Nigel Gardner

 Artikler/Wc2001/Artikler/WC2001art..jpg Article from a locan Norwegian newspaper.