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Dates will be from the 19. June and until 1. July 2023.


We sail from Stavanger, a picturesque, seaside city on the west coast of Norway and visit 11 cities along the spectacular western and northern coast. Our turning point is the North Cape's closest city Honningsvaag. An excursion to the North Cape is absolutely recommended!

Dates for 2023: 19. June to the 1. July.

This trip is a once in a lifetime voyage where you will not only see the beautiful country of Norway but you will meet many wood turners, learn a lot of turning techniques from skilled turners, and even do some woodturning yourself on the high seas! A very special experience! Although this is a once in a lifetime trip, we experience that many passengers joins us over and over again. So it must be great!

We must mention that most passengers bring their wives or partners so she/he will not be alone! (As many think...) And it is an international cruise with passengers coming from around the world. As a comparison the HURTIGRUTEN cruise of Norway was chosen to be the best cruise in the world by Lonely Planet a few years ago.


National Geographic rates the Norwegian fjords as the world's greatest unspoiled travel destinations and we will be travelling in these surroundings! But our cruise is even better - we go to fantastic places that regular cruise ships just don't go! You will see magnificent coastlines, snowcapped mountains, glaciers, fjords, waterfalls, cross the Arctic Circle twice, visit some of the best cities and seaside towns Norway has to offer and enjoy long evenings with spectacular sunsets.

Experience the uniqueness of local townspeople coming on board to enjoy the excitement of live demonstrations, buying treasures of the latest woodworking products then leaving the ship - while you have the pleasure of staying aboard and this is where it gets even better! Turning on the high seas, both you (and your spouse/partner) can both learn woodturning and improve or develop your skills! If you are interested in wood carving, knifemaking, wood burning or even routing there will be opportunities to learn, practice and improve these crafts as well.

All lessons and services are FREE (except for a few of the courses, a small fee apply. And/or you pay only for the blanks used) - you have the option of watching, learning, joining in - or not! Our demonstrator list is impressive, they're all great teachers and we urge you to take this once in a lifetime opportunity. However, should you prefer to participate in other onboard activities, there will be plenty to keep you occupied.

MS GANN is not a regular cruise ship regarding shops and other facilities, as you find on larger ships - but you will have the opportunity for shopping every day at all the ports and cities we visit. You will also get to know your fellow travelers much better since there will only be approximatley 220 people onboard.

And our cruise stops much longer in each harbor giving you time to really see the cities and places we stop! Compared to the old MS GANN (used in 2001 and 2004) this is a totally different ship: Lots of room - nice cabins, all with shower and toilet, - an excellent Panorama Lounge on top of the ship and many more lathes for your use while we sail! Read more to find out about this unique trip! Come and join us on this exciting, one of a kind and world famous cruise - only arranged every third year! Space is limited. The cruise in 2008 was sold out, and the cruise in 2011 was nearly sold out, and cruise in 2014 and 2018 was sold out. Remember that the best cabins sells fast, so make your reservations now!

Read more on this website, study our comprehensive list of demonstrators, check out the excursions and find out more about this exciting, one of a kind and world famous cruise. Visit our Facebook page.
NOTE: It is only arranged every third/fourth year. Space is very limited!