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Excursion - Sandane Excursion

Date: 20.6.2023 / (Day 2)

Start Time: 16:30

Duration: (about) 4 hours and 30 minutes

Price: 500.00 NOK

Last registration date: 02.07.2018

A guided trip around the Nordfjord area.

You'll see the caractiristic mountains and fjords in this area. We will be passing Europes deepest inshore lake, Hornindalsvatnet. 

We will stop at Rolf Taraldsets workshop. He is a professional woodcarver, and he has specialized in relieff carving. A unique chance to visit a fine local craftsman!Right now he is working on replica for an old church ornament dating back to the 1100 century, in full size. The original is displayed at Bergen Museum.

On the way back to Sandane we will go along the famous Panoramaveien (P. road). If we get time we will make a stop at Sagdammen in Ulvedal. The road runs through small villages and has a great view!

NOTE: This trip may be changed to a trip to Norfjordeid where a Viking ship is about to be built and Rolf Taraldset will do a lot of the carving work on this ship. If possible he will arrange a special visit to the build place.

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