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Excursion - Mosjøen Excursion

Date: 27.6.2023 / (Day 9)

Start Time: 14:00

Duration: (about) 3 hours

Price: 450.00 NOK

Last registration date: 02.05.2018

In 1866 klondyke fever broke out in Mosjøen - This small town in the middle of Norway.
A large Sawmill established itself and Mosjøen became the meeting point for English timbermerchants, the forresters from Odalen, Swedish mountain farmers bartering their goods and with these tailors with influences from London and Paris. 
On this tour in center of Mosjøen we will visit and get the history behind the Sjøgata street. Dating back to the 1800 century this special attraction is a nice experience especially if you are interested in old houses.
We will also visit the famous Laksefossen, a large waterfall, and watch for salmon..The waterfall is impressive!

Duration 3,5 hours

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