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Rune Hjelen

We are sorry to announce that Rune will not participate on the cruise. He has got a new job at University and since the cruise takes place when exactly when the school starts he can not be away from the students. 
A replacement will be found shortly.

Rune Hjelen is a Norwegian artist; both a woodturner and a woodcarver. By combining the two techniques he creates contemporary-, as well as traditional pieces of art. Hjelen gives high priority to the concept behind his reliefs, sculptural work and art pieces, which tends to be rooted in heritage and traditional art forms. 

He makes private- and public art, demonstrates techniques, tutors in woodcarving and woodturning, holds both workshops and lectures, as well as participates in national and international exhibitions. 

Rune runs his own woodturning and woodcarving school in Trondheim, Norway.