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Richard Raffan

Richard Raffan will be back in 2018!
We are delighted to announce that Richard will be back on the upcoming Woodturningcruise in 2018. He has been on several cruises and been a very popular demonstrator and instructor. Richard is probably one of the worlds best known woodturners with a long and exiting career in woodturning. He started with woodturning in 1970´s as a production woodturner, creating his own design and brand. His teaching stared in 1978 and after that he has been all over the world and had many classes and demonstrated at most seminars for woodturners. We thought that he would not be attending the 2018 cruise, since he stated that the 2014 was his last cruise when we docked back in 2014. After an email about the 2018 cruise he was very interested to come back on board and enjoy the fun and exiting event. So we just had to arrange it!
Please read more about him at RICHARD RAFFAN WEBSITE