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Colwin Way

Colwin works for a large company and his main business is giving classes in a woodturning school. He is an excellent instructor and we are happy to have him on board again. He will take care of the Sundeck Woodturning Classes where you can do woodturning outside on the deck, hopefully in the sun and a slight breeze.

More about Colwin:

Colwin was born and grew up in Lyme Regis, a small seaside town in the southwest of England,
where he still lives with his wife Vicki and two sons Finley and Charlie.
He started turning in 1983 after attending a three week work experience course with English
woodturner Geoff Manley.
So addicted with this course that he asked for a lathe for Christmas which started an all consuming
In 1988 at the age of 18 Colwin started a 5 year apprenticeship with Geoff as a full time production
woodturner turning all manner of projects from bowls to staircase spindles to jewellery and many
materials such as Horn, Jet, Amber, Antler, Ivory, Bone etc.
After seeing his 5 years with Geoff come to an end his decided to become self employed doing the
same type of production work and rented a workshop on a nearby farm where he also worked as
woodsman and fella learning various woodland skill such as tree felling, planting and woodland
In 1997 Colwin was approached by a local tool company to teach and demonstrate woodturning for
them which led to his first opportunity come to Norway and attended the very first woodturning
cruise ran by Odd Erik.
Colwin has taught and demonstrated in many places around the world such as USA, Norway, Spain,
France and Ireland and is a regular contributor to woodturning magazine where he writes tutorials
and technical articles.
My love of woodturning has changed over the years, I still get the buzz when turning a special
piece but find teaching is where I’m more comfortable and this gives me the most satisfaction
allowing me to share my 35 years of experience in this wonderful craft.