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Record Power Tools

Record Power has a long and impressive history. Established in Sheffield, the heart of the UK's steel industry, and stretching back over 100 years, we enjoy an enviable reputation for creating high quality tools through our many years of experience and unparalleled knowledge in manufacturing and design. Our policy of continual improvement and development has seen us remain at the forefront of tool manufacturing whilst also acquiring and developing such brands as Coronet of Derby and Burgess from Leicester. In addition, our industrial brand, Startrite, also has a long history of providing high quality, durable machinery to the trade professional and various features of these machines are the inspirations behind aspects of many Record Power machines.

Band Saw Master class
On board the Woodturning Cruise 2014 you can meet Craig Heffren and Pete Webb from Record Power LTD. Both have service engineer background and will be able to discuss and advise on the right machine for the job and any issues. There will also be a bandsaw master class for passengers and visitors.

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