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King Arthur’s Tools® offer a unique range of saw chain products developed to cut and shape a variety of different materials. King Arthur’s Tools is actively committed to developing innovative products. Our company specializes in power tools and accessories – named after medieval Knights of the Round Table. All our products are patented and have distinct safety and performance features. Our saw chain blades are unmatched in the industry and our chains are manufactured exclusively for King Arthur’s Tools by Oregon Saw Chain.

King Arthur’s Tools is a small, family owned business located in North Florida. The business was honored at the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Excellence Awards in June 2003 and offers more than 200 products being sold through a network of dealers and distributors in both the U.S. and overseas.

Lancelot® is King Arthur’s Tools flagship blade and winner of the Florida’s Governor’s Award for new products. Squire® is a smaller version of Lancelot®. These blades are used on disc or angle grinders to quickly cut a wide variety of materials from wood to PVC. Merlin® is the World’s Smallest Chain Saw and received national attention when it was presented at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. Home & Garden Television (HGTV) featured Merlin® as the top “cool product” in their showcase episode and CNN Weekend covered Merlin® as one of the top 6 products on Tooling Around.

Over the years King Arthur’s Tools has worked to establish diverse, proven markets that include: professional and amateur woodworkers, wood carvers and sculptors, wood turners, builders and electricians, flooring and general construction, home and boat remodelers, log homes construction, ice carvers, the straw bale home industry, D-I-Y’s, bonsai sculpting, dairy cow hoof trimming, musical instrument makers and taxidermy.

As the product line has grown, we have built strategic alliances with companies in the USA, Europe and Scandinavia. These strong partnerships and our brand identity have allowed us to bring incredible new and innovative products to the world, faster, and with more choices. Our customer base is incredibly diverse and loyal. It ranges from do-it-yourselfers to many of the world’s top artisans and leading experts in their fields. Many of our unique products were developed as a response to customer suggestions. Our field tests of prototypes are performed with top authorities in their industries.

We offer replacement chains for all our blades, sharpening files and a universal nut. Our product line also includes a line of carving tools created specifically for the hooftrimming industry, visit our website at For taxidermy, see

King Arthur’s Tools has always been commited to innovative, quality products, customer service, and community.