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Course - Wool and silk scarf 2

On this course you can design and make your own warm silk and wool scarf.A thin, lightweight scarf in merion wool on silk, chiffon, pongee or hankies (unspon fibre). Silk scarf with hankies are great also for men.

Materials approx: NOK 150,-  - 280,- depending on your choice of materials.

Course Price:  NOK 300,-  (PAY ON BOARD)

All classes are tailored to each individual, and no previous felting experience is required.  Necessary equipment and tools are available at Ullform.



Day: 30.08.2018 (Day 11)

When: 09:00 - 12:00

Price: 0.00 NOK

Last registration date: 01.07.2018

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This Course is taught by Ullform