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Chris Smith

Vi kan med glede meddele at den kjente tredreieren Chris Smith også i 2023 blir er en del av teamet ombord. Han blir en av instruktørene med ansvar for passasjerinstruksjon i Passenger Classroom.

Her er hans beskrivelse av seg selv:

My name is Chris Smith and I live in Perth, Western Australia.

My wood adventures started many years ago as a sheet metal worker in the UK, were I was taught to use a metal spinning lathe.

When I finished my apprenticeship I became a police officer, married and bought my own home so carpentry raised its head, although wood as an art form did not happen to me for a few more years until I migrated to Australia with my family.

Some time after my arrival in Australia I was given an old and very cheap wood lathe that I used to make the wheels for model farm carts made by my father and myself - though that lathe soon found a new home.

Some years later I took up wood turning seriously by joining the West Australian Wood Turners Association which soon became an obsession and I bought my Vicmark VL300 lathe. 

I started to enter a few competitions, winning a few and passed into the ranks of advanced turners. Then I began teaching and selling my work through galleries.

Wood turning has become a large part of my life and I get a great thrill out of passing on my knowledge yet still learning from other turners from around the world.

My turning has evolved in many ways and I use colour and pewter and others media in my turning, but always to compliment the beautiful timbers of our beautiful south west of Australia.