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Pen blank swap

One of the joys of woodturning is working with new and unusual woods.  So often we are limited to the types of wood we turn by types available at the location where we live.  

Not any more……

As a future participant of the 2018 Woodturning Cruise now is the opportunity to get your hands on some exciting new woods….. and at no cost to yourself.

After discussing the project with Peter Bond, a wood turner from Thailand, we will be running the following exchange program, mainly for the pen turners amongst you.

You are invited to bring around 10 wood blanks from your own country.  As we expect over 15 nationalities to join us, we could be looking at a great assortment of new woods.  The blanks will all be on show and you will be able to draw from the “stock” the same number of blanks that you put in…. so for example, if you bring 10 blanks, you can exchange for 10 blanks from the stock.  

You can bring all the same type of blanks or maybe a few different sorts….maybe you have a particularly nice type of wood that you think a lot of fellow turners would like.  One of Pete’s favorites is Mango wood so I am sure he will be bringing some of those.

Don’t forget, what is common to you is exotic for everyone else so don’t worry if you think your blanks are not exotic enough….. all will be welcome.  As Pete says many of the common woods in the UK are just not available in Thailand.

We are looking a pen size blanks…. Size around 130 x 25 x 25 mm. Please don't forget to label them.....

The more people who participate, the more blanks will be available to choose from so bring some along…. you might just find that special one you’ve been looking for.

If you would like more information or have any questions, just drop Pete a line a   … he will be happy to assist"