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Mette Fjermestad

Mette has been working with woodturning and woodworking tools since around 1989, together with Odd Erik in the business. Before that she worked at her fathers business which was a traditionell hardware store, specializing in bolts and nuts and the even parts. She has good knowledge to both machinery and tools and will happily assist and advice on the choice of tools to buy. Mette has been working together with Odd Erik since 1989 and they make out a good team, but they are not married as many belive. (Then we've got that sorted!)
Mette has the overall responsibility for the courses arranged at WWW VERKTOY AS. They run about 12 -15 courses a year and she takes good care of all the delegates visiting our premises in Stavanger.
Onboard the Woodturning Cruise Mette will concentrate on helping customers in the shop but will also assist in arranging passenger instructions, tools for the demonstrators and much more.